Poem: Mudshovel

So I’ll get messed up
till I forget love
till I forget us
and what was
What could’ve been
is just too much
Driving down this road
is just too rough
And it’s leaving me
a bit cut up
a bit numb, coz
when I went to touch
I found your heart to be
ice cold
Now all of us
All that I know
has been turned to dust
Within the winds of a tornado

You took the hourglass
of my life
You broke it, and
wasted my time

In the rear view mirror
I reflect, and
I’ve never seen it clearer


So I break the glass
because there is no need
for me to look back
As there is nothing to see
It’s just too dark
and I’m too far
to see the clouds of smoke
from our warzone

I pack up the duffel
and spit in the puddle
where I buried what was
with this mudshovel

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