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Poem: When the Storm Knocked

I heard the rumble
I heard the grumble and growl
descending quick
from dissatisfied clouds

Like a thousand feet
The march of an army
rolling over the hills
like a warning

Then the sky
flipped from day to night
like God hit the switch
and turned out the lights

The soft pitter patter
upon the metal roof
was like the Earths melodic
playful tune

it grew

jagged streaks
across the black sky

Brief bursts
of white

An instant roar
just above my head
marvelous in heart
danger in thought

But even after
the storm had left
the thunder remained
like an unwelcome guest

I checked the sky
I checked under my bed
Every place it could hide
but nothing made sense

Then I realized
to my regret
the storm had always been
inside my head

And still today
it has yet to stop
Just outside my door
the storm knocks

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Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci

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