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Poem: Lullabies at Grandma’s

For me
there is nothing quite
like night
When the black sky
is open wide
and the glowing moon
lends just the right
amount of light

I stare up
An out of this world sight
Memories oh memories
They flood my mind

As a kid
back at Grandma’s
in her lap I’d sit
as she introduced
tunes of the moon
I never knew
one day they’d end
and memories in the sky
would be all I have left

Then we’d go inside
She’d go to sleep
I’d lay in the floor
and watch tv
I remember all
the late night shows
All the nonstop
3 am commercials

Now those memories
they’re just that
Forever in my head
but never coming back

And sometimes
I almost forget
Then I look into the night sky
and for a brief second
I’m reminded
I relive it
and again

I’m back on her porch
sitting in her lap
watching the stars
and she lights a cigarette
In the night’s dim light
she sings me lullabies
wrapping me in her undying love
soothing the madness of my mind

But then I go inside
breaking my blurred sight
And to those memories
I say goodnight

For me
there is nothing quite
like my Grandma’s love
lending star-like light
in the darkest night
A love that
will never die
Even if to you
I’ve had to say goodnight
for the last



Hey, everyone. Thanks for stopping by MrHushHush Entries. Today’s poem was especially important to me, and I hope you enjoyed it. If so, please leave a like and follow along. Poetry daily ❤️

Till next time,

Jordan Antonacci

Photography by Jordan Antonacci (ya boy), and my Momma 🙂

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