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Poem: Please, Stop Loving Me

I don’t deserve
your heart
so please stop
giving it to me
Wrapped up
so neat
with a stunning
red bow on top

I’m an addict
a thief
I’m a murderer
who watches the world bleed
without a wonder
I’m a black sheep
In a portrait-perfect

I’m the air
over a funeral
I’m the casket
six feet deep
and the tears
strolling down
a pink cheek
wetting the soil

I am
who I am
but what’s worse is that
I sometimes
stare into the mirror
break it
and smile at my reflection
Then I remember
the ways I hurt you
just by
being who I am
and that
hurts me

But I need
to be me
if I want
to be free

So I wonder
if I should leave
without saying
But I hate the thought
you might cry
and now I can’t stand
looking you
in the eye

I just want
to be free
Please, stop
loving me

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Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci

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