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Poem: The Pretend Me

I’m so sick of this world
Sick of falling in love with the wrong girl
Coz I always fall so hard
Hit the ground and I’m left with a broken heart

I’m sick of listening to time
No matter how hard I try, Im always left behind
I’m sick of feeling pressure
like a barrel pressing up against my temple

Thoughts filling up like a dresser
when the demons move into your head to get setup
And nobody really wants to listen
Nobody wants to listen

Sometimes I just wanna go missing
Hit the coast and drift deep into the ocean
Maybe then they’ll all notice
I hope no one will notice

Sick of the pretend me
Sick of who I used to be
Sick of all this foolery

I ain’t fooling me


Thanks for stopping by and checking out today’s poetry 🙂 So, this is actually the first verse of a song I’ve been writing today. I’m excited to get it recorded over music and posted.

Like and follow along!

Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci

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