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Poem: I now Pronounce you, Husband and Wife

How do you sleep
in meadows and pink skies
yet live
with ghouls and cycled cries
How do you stomp
red roses and lilies
then plant new seeds
hoping for twice the beauty
You buy a house
on top of a mountain
then watch the view
from behind glass
You buy a new phone
with perfect signal
then turn it off
when anyone calls
You paint a masterpiece
spending night after night
then once done
set it alight
You preach of peace
love and happiness
then flood the streets
with blood and madness
You want a family
to give and receive love
but kill every relationship
on first touch
You dream of cartoons on the TV
a happily every after
but know all you’ll ever see
is a static screen, and disaster

How do you dream
of such beauty
yet live
in such chaos?

Hey my peoples,

Thanks for stopping by and checking out today’s poetry. Currently, I’m in a sleeping bag on the floor, watching the sunrise through these picture-still TN trees. A dream last night kinda inspired this piece. Hope you liked it 🙂 Feel free to let me know what you think!

Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci

Photography: Jordan Antonacci

2 thoughts on “Poem: I now Pronounce you, Husband and Wife”

    1. I agree. I think everyone has that good vs bad, angel vs demon war inside themselves. The poem was actually meant to be a glance back at myself but it def does apply to humanity. I’m glad you saw it like that 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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