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Poem: Is Goodbye to Me that Easy

They don’t
notice me
live life
so lowkey
but not so
wont anyone
ever come
and hold me?

wants to pay
till I’m sittin
wrist slit
A victim of
something hidden

They wont care
till I’m dead
then the whole town
is my best friend
talking on
what never happened
false tears
all on my casket

All I wanted
was to be seen
but am overlooked
on my knees
They just
Is goodbye
to me that easy?

Thanks for stopping by and reading, guys!

I’ve been slacking these last couple of days and I apologize. I’ve had a bit going on: trying to take this music seriously, just finally got moved, planning a new book, andddd I’m kinda talking to someone 😉🙃

Anyway, hope you liked the poetry!

Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci

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