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Poem: My Garden of Eden

Within my heart
a garden of Eden
A garden of the gods

A garden so ripe
succulent with life
Within the suns light
blossoms bloomed bright

At least
once upon a time

Then stems
withered in storm winds
shriveled and fell from trees
cracked as the earth shook
And skies
turned black

No angels can beckon me back
It’s hotter than hell where I’m at
I am an animal
with you

Troye Sivan, Animal

The Garden of Gods
that once thrived with life
lost the beat to its heart
Eden had died

Like the wind
she parted the clouds
In a breath
allowed light to stream down
to touch vines
and supply the garden
with a revived life

A single step
onto earth
was as if
time reversed

She came wielding
seeds and greenery
Sowing fields
Blossoms of feeling

Allowing soil and earth
to finally beat again
Supplying life
to my Garden of Eden

I don’t know if you’ll ever read this… but if you do, I hope you know it’s to you 🙂


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