Blogging, poetry


They showed me
a path
One which
cut through
the dense forest
like a knife
to keep me

I said
No thanks.
Turned and walked
into the trees
to pave
my own way
and in the process
to suffocate

Night fell
and little did
I know
the sun would never
rise up

I looked back, and
everyone had

Cut ties
burned bridges
No goodbyes
Unread messages

Some days
I wondered which way
to get home

But this was
my journey
The adventure of
a lifetime
A flame that was
I knew I’d chase
till I died

Some days
I did wish
for everything
to just end

But even the smallest light
will shine bright
in the darkest night
And through my
never ending night
I believe I’ve spied
a flare of sunrise

If not
then I guess I’ll die

I know day break
is somewhere
I just need
to get there

3 thoughts on “Poem: LONER”

    1. Yeah… i wrote it with intentions of being uplifting but that lonely life can be depressing. Sorry to pile onto the sadness of your Monday 😦 At least you were able to see some enlightening parts of the poem ♥️


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