Where’s my Love?

A promise
as solid
as the winter
can get
swept up
like dust

You offered me
all of my dreams
like projections
on a blank screen
but when I went
to touch the scene
you let it fall
with effortless ease
to the ground
to my feet

“Cold sheets
oh, where’s my love?
I am searching high
I’m searching low
in the night”

SYML, Where’s my Love?

All that
I thought I’d never have
was given, just
to be stolen back

All of us
all that was promised
is left on the battlefield
own home of carnage

Even you
withering away hollow
in a sky of blue
you’re a walking shadow

A broken heart’s
blood will rush
running through the dark
Where’s my love?

“If you bleed
I’ll bleed the same
If you’re scared
I’m on my way
Did you runaway?
I don’t need to know
If you ran away
come back home”

She walked out
into the night
and never returned
by my side

I stared
into that night
till I
went blind.

Hope you liked today’s poem. Thanks for stopping by and reading 🙂

Talk soon,


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