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Poem: Hiding in Plain Sight

I hide
in plain sight
Pitch black
empty eyes
shielded “Bye”
a smiling mask
My disguise
My fake laugh

I’m not quite
who I am

It’s where I
go to act
like I haven’t cried
and behind my back
isn’t a knife
covered in fresh blood
coz I’m a nice guy
in your friendly neighborhood

But if you were
in my mind, you’d see
layers of hurt
malicious crime scenes

And beneath the dirt
the real me
The only me
I’ll ever let you see

I hide
in plain sight
Pitch black
hollow eyes
shielded by
a smiling mask
my disguise
my fake laugh

I’m not quite
who you think I am

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I’ve mentioned (countless times) on my posts how I’ve always wanted a travel blog. I’ve done a few travel posts in the past, and a few more are about to come your way. Beginning the first of October, I’ll be doing some brief traveling. Isn’t Fall just the BEST time to see the world? Honestly, I don’t know when it’ll end–but it’s definitely about to begin. So, if you enjoy travel posts, then do stay tuned ❤

Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci
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