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Poem: Born Dead

April 25th
Clouds split
and Heavens roared
The world received a gift
as the full moon poured
Something beautiful and wicked
to be remembered

Upon my birth
the dirt
of this Earth
was forever

I came into this place
about a week late
Wherever I was
they told me that
I’d overstayed
it was just
that great
Or maybe I knew
of Earth’s hate
and its bittersweet
sour taste

When I arrived
I was first met
by life’s light
but had yet to meet
my first breath
Where there was meant
to be a scream
the crippling silence
of a mother’s deepest
darkest dreams
flooded throughout
all of me

Even today
I still feel like
a piece of me
never fully
came to life

Hey peoples! Thanks for stopping by MrHushHush Entries and checking out today’s poetry. Hope you liked it; if so, please do leave a like and don’t forget to follow along!

Fun Fact: the poem’s a true story.


I’ve mentioned (countless times) on my posts how I’ve always wanted a travel blog. I’ve done a few travel posts in the past, and a few more are about to come your way. Beginning the first of October, I’ll be doing some brief traveling. Isn’t Fall just the BEST time to see the world? Honestly, I don’t know when it’ll end–but it’s definitely about to begin. So, if you enjoy travel posts, then do stay tuned ❤

Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci
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