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Poem: I Killed Her

So sweet she was
sweet we were
before and after
her sweet sweet murder

To me
she seemed to be
a rare breed
a gift I couldn’t
A tune I couldn’t
A mystery
meant to remain
in pieces
She was
a dream
then the harsh smack
of reality

But she always
made me bleed

Perhaps we were
destined to end
before we even

Maybe it was
too much
Too much love
and us
just too young
Unable to
a clash like
the Big Bang

Then I realized
she wasn’t who
I once knew
once upon
a happier time
And that girl
well she wasn’t
coming back
into my world

But I couldn’t just
let her go
Coz we were supposed
to make a home
So I held her under
the tears I’d cried
as a roaring thunder
sounded through the sky
And I squeezed
till I broke her into
Just the way
she tried
to leave

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