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Poem: Close Your Eyes and Drive

I was out
on a drive
and the weather
was just right
Through the glass
I was kissed
by soft light
My dear friend

I cracked
the window
the Fall Air
the cool breeze
through my hair
and out the window
blew my cares

I was out
on a drive
was just fine
I looked up
into the sky
Saw a bird
soaring so high
and I wondered
what it might
be like

So I took a breath
I closed my eyes
as I still
continued to drive

No longer
was I in the car
I was somewhere else
Somewhere far
Up there
with the bird
looking down
upon a green world

And though I knew
I could crash and die
I had never felt
so fully alive

The song of wind
upon my skin
lending the freedom
of a kid

But I opened my eyes
continued to drive
leaving a question
in hindsight

If I crash
Could I then…
could I fly?

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Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci
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