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Poem: It’s Fall

Beneath a canopy
of overhanging trees
fall like rain

They get caught
in the subtle breeze
and they swirl
and they sway

As they fall
to their death
I hear the wind
before it hits

A gentle roar
through every branch
that makes the leaves
clatter and dance
Then that wind
washes over my skin
as if to cleanse
Summer’s sins

Pumpkins out
on the front lawns
Early dusk
late dawn
I climb trails
to the very top
then I look out
in awe

I see the trees
All of them
painted in shades
of autumn
Shades of yellow
shades of orange
I breathe in the sight
as I adore it

This is the voice
of mother
the instrument
of nature
making music
for all to hear
please, come near

It’s Fall

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