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California Dreamin’

I wanna be
in the
California streets
White sands
of the beach
my feet
A splash of
salt from the sea
caught in
an ever so gentle breeze

Said I wanna be
in Cali
where it’s always
towering palm trees
that always
seem to be
as if to say


Pink skies
A kissing sun
Night drives
by the ocean
Where my heart is free
and mind open
Where I’ll chase my dreams
knowing that
I may never
truly get
ahold of them

Where I’ll go broke
coz it costs too much
like my heart
every time I love

more importantly
I wanna be
in Cali
so I may finally
be with
my family

Guys… It looks like my next big trip is back to Cali where I’ll stay for a month. I still have about a month before I get to board that plane but I’m super excited. Then, once my little season of travel is done, it looks like Cali will be the next place I move ❤

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Talk soon,

Jordan Antonacci
SnapChat: jtantonacci
Instagram: jordanantonacci



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