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Poem: I used to be a little boy.

they change
to months
that’ll never stay

Like dandelions
in the wind
the past
just blows away


All the colors
of yesterday
have faded to grey

I remember that place
called home
on the front porch
I used to play

There used to be
such a magic
to my life
Like holidays
when I’d awake
hoping to see
and Santa’s sleigh

“I used to be a little boy
so old in my shoes
What I choose is my voice
What’s a boy supposed to do?
The killer in my is the killer in you
My love”

-Smashing Pumpkins, Disarm

I used to cherish
and swordplay

But the innocence
of that age
is a playground
on which
I’ll never play

they bleed
into years
with such ease

All I see
are memories
of the boy
I used to be


Hey peoples! Thanks for stopping by the blog and checking out today’s piece of poetry. Hope you liked it ❤

Jordan Antonacci
Instagram: jordanantonacci
SnapChat: jtantonacci

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