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Poem: Only Human

If I could
then I would
save the world
Send my heart in an envelope
to that certain girl
Tell her how she
is my everything
Live in a house with kids
and wedding rings

I’d be free
like the ocean breeze
Soar from the west coast
over to the east
Learn German
then Chinese

Stop the earth
mid spin
so the sunrise
wouldn’t end so quick

I’d make my dreams
chase me
and my fears would never
ever want to face me

I’d move mountains
bounce around the clouds
part them when I needed
some light to rain down

I’d rewind
all of my time
go back and undo
all of my crimes
I’d learn from the start
not to shut out light
and to embrace everyone
I so effortlessly left behind

If I could
then I would
put a ladder to heaven
just so I
could hear you voice again

But I’m just human
and I’m rarely happy
Certainly not as much
as I’d like to be
I cry
and I bleed
When I try to be strong
is when I feel most weak

Sometimes I don’t
even wanna do this
but this is me
and I’m only human

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Jordan Antonacci
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12 thoughts on “Poem: Only Human”

    1. Say a lot with very little tends to be what I go for. Simple yet powerful. Thank you, I’m really glad you like it! And thank you for the follow as well. Looking forward to reading some of your writing 😊

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  1. What a wise poem this is–simple, every word important, creating a mood of many voices, profound. Thank you for it. Best wishes


  2. “When I try to be strong
    is when I feel most weak”. This is like the universal truth. I’ve always felt this way and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t be strong enough. Though I like to pretend I am. Sometimes, I just want to cry out my feelings but I stop myself. I’m not strong enough to let my tears out.

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