Poem: YOU


She who sings with giggles
even as skies shatter
Like a Blue jay turned red
from the flames it sits in

The girl who haunts my dreams
with bittersweet symphonies
A lie that I’d
die to bring to life

Don’t wake me.

Hey You
you oh you
I’m sorry if I stare, but
I’d hate to miss a move

Of anything you do.

I think our hearts beat
to the same tune
I feel it when I sleep
When I enter your room

So superficial
with the depth of oceans
Sweet, like artificial
And the rawest emotions

The girl calling to be seen
on a phone that won’t ring
In the shadows of taller trees
you’ve lost all but your green

From every Instagram pic
to every text with your ex
all you ever really wanted
was to feel wanted

But I see you
like see-through
In every darkest night
and brightest day
Through the harshest of weather
to the skies of forever
because you and I
we’re meant to be together

Yours truly

See you soon.

“The world fell out of love with love at some point.”

-Joe, YOU

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