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Poem: Off in the Meadow

In a rain-kissed meadow
dew on green blades
like stars in the day

Smoke-like clouds
open wide
like pages of a book

of rose and yellow
like lips of mother nature
bloom for the sun
and dance
for the wind

He flows
over the earth
like a singing stream

In one hand
a bouquet
of freshly-picked daisies
In the other
a knife
of freshly drawn red

A whip of his arm
sends the daisies
free into the breeze
as a smile
paints its way
across his face

Like crumbling pillars
his legs break
and he settles into
the tall grass
calling it home
as tears wipe
his smile away
and his eyes turn
to stone

Off in the meadow

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Till next time,

-Jordan Antonacci

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