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Poem: Murder Me

Murder Me

Murder me
Murder me dead
so I may finally know
what it’s like to live

“Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain.”

-Louis Tomlinson

Swallow my voice
Eat it whole
so that I can’t make noise
or speak with a soul
Maybe then I’ll know
the definition of alone
of bearing the weight of my secrets
all on my own

Burn out my lights
and wrap a fold over my eyes
Leave me blind so I know
what it’s like to have sight
I said take my sight
so I may cherish the views
What I see is all
I abuse

Rob me
of every dime, of every cent
every fabrication
everything materialistic

That Mercedes in the drive
bottles of wine that just sit
Take all I have to give
so I know what it’s like to live

A crack and a splash
Maroon pooling at our feet
The attack of shattered glass
Speckled with blood that we bleed

Destroy what I love
cause what I have isn’t enough

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