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Poem: Without You, I’m Colorblind



If I’m like
looking down on
my world of green
then you can be
The Sun

My dim
silver haze
could never amount
to your shine
To your bright
and sunny rays

If there’s a purpose
to my night
could it be to balance
our your light?
Like two sides
of one heart
together, we
complete the other

light heart clouds summer
Photo by Pixabay on

Then one morning
you didn’t rise
I looked forever
for your golden
But it was like
I’d gone blind
Where there should’ve been day
it was only night

Now I’ve
gone colorblind
like somebody robbed
the blue from our
precious skies

drips from trees
Yellow and violet
fade from flowers
Every minute
of every hour
all I see
are rain showers

Come back to me
Paint my world
of blue and green
Color me
with everything
you have ever
wanted to see

I know you’re seeing black and white
so I’ll paint you a clear blue sky
Without you, I’m colorblind
It’s raining, every time I open my eyes”

-Troye Sivan, Alex Hope, “Blue”

Dedicated to everyone I’ve ever lost or let go of.

Happy Friday, everyone! Or whatever day it is that you’re reading this. For me, it’s a Friday evening and I’m in the back of a car heading to Las Vegas. It’s my first time going and I guess I’m somewhat excited. Mainly for the hotel. I’m not much of a club/bar kinda guy but I’ll try it out 😉

Only four hours left! After a weekend in Vegas, we’re heading to Flagstaff, then to the Grand Canyon. I’m definitely excited for that. I’ll be posting pictures in the near future, so check back in later.

Everybody have a good weekend!

-Jordan Antonacci

P.S. You should checkout the video at the bottom of this post. Great song.


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