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Spring break in Vegas / Logandale

For this post, I just wanted to share with you all some pictures of Spring Break with the Antonacci’s so far. We got to Vegas late Friday night, and the place is crazy. This is my first time in Vegas, but everyone is saying it’s crazier than usual because a bunch of fraternities are out here for Spring Break, so… I guess we picked an okay time to come.

Yesterday, I chilled in the lazy river all morning, got nice and burnt, then we took trip to this little place called Logandale, which is about an hour outside of Vegas. Got to take Dad’s truck off-roading and we did some hiking. There were quite a few people in this area with campers, four-wheelers, and dirt bikes. It was a nice time. Anyway, check the pix below.

I’ll get some of Las Vegas tonight when I’m out trying not to blow all my money away 😉

Wait till you see it.
My mom almost stepped on him. Should’ve heard her scream 🙂


Till next time!

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