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Poem: The Wanderer


The road was cold
A frigid night and snow
as the boy began a journey
all alone

The road was cold
beneath his bare bleeding toes
as he traveled from the East
to the far West coast

And he called out with his soul
He called out ‘Hello!’
But the only thing to call back
was his lonely echo

Those roads were so cold
as he staggered into the unknown
searching from the North
all the way to the South Pole

But as his days grew old
and his heart hollow
he realized he may never
find a place to call home

Even as this story is being told
that boy, he still roams
that lonely dark road
in search of somewhere he can go

He wonders
if ever he can satisfy
this nameless hunger
this hellish hunger

His starving heart rumbles
like an unforgiving thunder
from mountain peaks up high
to uncharted lands down under


Thank you all for stopping by and checking out today’s post.

I’ve been sucking pretty bad with posting regularly–as I mentioned in my previous post. Don’t really have any excuses. I’m moving out of the place I’m staying now on the 15th, so I have to have my van by then. For those of you who don’t know, I’m planning to buy a van, convert it to a camper, and travel 🙂 I may also be building a tiny house in TN sometimes at the end of this year!

Lots of fun stuff going on, so be sure to watch for updates. Let me know what you thought of today’s post in the comments!


Jordan Antonacci


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