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Hate / Love the Day – A Poem


I had a breakdown today
Not a whole lot to say
It was the first time I’d cried
in 193 days

The day was all right
Found some new jobs online
It’s not what I wanna do, but
I guess I’ll give it a try
I went ahead and applied
just to say that I tried

The day was pretty great
I’ve got a date at 8
I even went apartment hunting
Found a new place
Hip hip hooray

I had a breakdown today
Had that interview at ten
I thought I did okay, but
they said, ‘Thanks for coming in.’
So that apartment I wanna get?
Can’t afford the rent
Now I’m back to sleeping in my car
on a path to a dead end
And that girl I was supposed to meet
said she’d be late
Then she never even showed, but
I knew that in the first place

I had a breakdown today
Feels like everyday’s the same
This expression on my face
I can’t seem to change
Blank like a page
I don’t know what to say
blah blah blah
Yeah I’m okay
Drove to a place
where I could hide my face
Let out a poison
that turned the skies grey
Tears flowed in streams
I could barely even see
Screamed till I thought
my own ears would bleed
Then I wiped it all away
Went back out on stage
Smiled and said
‘Today was great!’


It’s literally been at least two months (I think) since I last posted, which is the longest I’ve gone mute on this blog. It really wasn’t intentional. Been out in Southern California living in my car, trying to “get my shit straight.” Looks like I’m moving to Austin, TX soon. At least, I’m trying to.

Been working on a new book all year. It’s called “Lights, Camera, Murder.” I like it. I’ll probably be asking for beta readers in my next post.

Thanks for reading,

Jordan Antonacci

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