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She Keeps Me – A Poem

She’s a sunrise the Universe
never wanted to share
and so the world
remained dark
without her light

She keeps me
like the roots of a redwood
stretching through the Earth
reaching like thirsty fingers
as mine slip through hers
I grip them tight
Her hand in mine
Never wanting
to let go

And I’ll willingly fall
No, for her I’d leap
from the top branch of
the tallest tree
At the bottom is where
I pray we meet
But as the colors change
she’s red
I’m green

In some ways, she
carries balance to the chaos
Serenity to the screams
Life to the empty
Pressure to the bleed

She keeps me
like singing in a cage

If I’m a bird, then
she is the wings
flapping nearly as fast
as she makes my heart beat
merely with a smile
and a touch blood deep

And my heart, it beats
to the rhythm of a tune
we sing in sync
Free within my cage
She keeps me

tree hand clouds-01
Photo by Jordan Antonacci 2020

In a sea of people
she’s all I see
And I’ll swim through her waters
till my body grows weak
And I’ll willingly fall
Yes, freely sink
Tie an anchor to my feet
then dive deep
This feeling
so familiar it seems
because every time I’m with her
I can never seem to breathe

She makes me
at the same time that she
breaks me
A seed
that gives birth
sprouting at it breaks
through the dirt
like a pale decrepit hand
reaching for hurt

She’s a sunrise the Universe
never wanted to share
and so the Earth
remained dark
without her light
So my world
remains black and white
till I can make her
the life in my sky

Thank you for reading 🙂


MrHush2_Vertical Logo - For Dark

So about a year ago, I started teaching myself graphic design. The above logo is one I made for this blog (so is the featured image image for this post). I’d love if you checked out my portfolio in the link below. Please do let me know what you think. And if anyone would like any freelance design work done, feel free to let me know!

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