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Don’t Think of Me – A Poem

I just
I just really like you
And I need something
I really want this
because we connect
like we’re meant
to fit
So here’s everything
that can be
But wait
Wake up Jordan
It was all
only a dream

I just
I really like you too ___________
but as I begin
your face begins
and all I hear
is breaking


So take me
make me
Build me up, oh yes, make me
Love you, oh yes, make me
Put me back together
Shape me
Do it all, and then
Rape me
Break me
Make me, oh baby girl, make me
Make me oh so fucking crazy
Crazy for love, crazy for this
So crazy I could never seem to see
whatever the fuck this has been
Hallucinating love, like
I’m schizophrenic

But at the same time
you were
my medicine

I fought to give you the world
while you tore mine apart
Cause I tried, on hands and knees
Pried at the Earth till my fingers began to bleed
So what?
Did I care too much?
Not quite enough?
Too understanding
of the “baggage” you brought along?
Please, tell me
what I did wrong

micropoetry blog post

So don’t think of me
when you’re awoken from this deep sleep
that screaming playlist with my name
set on repeat
realizing this wasn’t
just some fucking dream
and it was real
Realer than it seemed
Don’t think of me
at the day’s long end
when you’re searching for my Jeep
wondering where I could’ve went
Don’t think of me
when you begin to reminisce
of that one cloudy night we
stumbled over he fence
with a whole bottle of liquor
and crept hand in hand
through a pitch black field
doing your stupid hippie dance
because all of this is shit
you let end
and I felt our story
was only about to begin.

You used to sing
you’d never let go
Now, here we are
and you’ve let go

Thank you all for reading.

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