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I Promise | A Poem

How I gave Alyssa her promise ring on Christmas ❤

From the sun’s first
till its peachy and
gentle set
Just know
that I promise

From every tear
down your warm
pink cheek
to every smile
that beams
beneath skies
of dreams
Just know
I promise

From every long
unforgiving dark night
with no sunlight in sight
to every bright
warming sunrise
Just know
I promise

From every high
on every sky-like peak
to every hole and crater
oceans deep
Just know
I promise

From every howling, grey
dark cold fight
raining broken words
and whirlwinds of lies
to every rainbow
that says
everything is alright
Just know
I promise

From that very first
that we sent on tinder
till our very last
Always remember

That I promise

I promise
to love you
and forever

I promise to be
the very best
that I can
for you
and our baby

And this promise
I’m sure to keep
cause you make me
the very best
that I can be

I promise

A digital illustration of Alyssa and I done by myself for one of our anniversaries 🙂

Giving Alyssa her promise ring was obviously a big step in our relationship–one I’ve never taken before. I gave her the ring at 10 months, just after she told me she was pregnant. Time flies.

Thank you for stopping by and reading the poem. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

Talk soon,

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