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It was all a Mistake – Poem

wasn’t looking for much
not love
just wanted wanted to fuck

went to the club
no trust
kicked six shots of bourbon

didn’t stop till he was swervin’
He swerved into her lane
broken hearts and conversation
they went back to her place

but that one night
turned into months
He gave it life
gave it blood
gave it everything, but
never got much

in return
now, suddenly it burns
He, feels like these words
will never do much
but hurt

wasn’t looking for much
not love
just wanted to fuck

went to the club
a new silk black dress on

Her eyes were locked
She eyed his cock
only, if She knew what was next
wouldn’t have taken him to bed

that one night
turned to months
She told him it’s real
with her fingers crossed

She gave her heart
then took it away
said, we can’t do this anymore
it was all a mistake

days, they fade
memories stay
holding something
meant to break

wanted a me and you
to see it through
wanted it
to be true

Anybody ever had a one night stand that turned into a bit more than either of you had expected? How did it end (if it ever did)?

Thanks for reading!

-Jordan Antonacci
IG: jordanantonacci
SC: jtantonacci23

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