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An Alternate Ending

Sometimes, we have to go back and rewrite the ending we originally thought was perfect...

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Living a Dream

On June 22, 2018, my second mystery novel (yet in my head, my first), The Killed Conscience, was released into the great big world. I imagine this to be a feeling similar to what parents experience when their children move away. Sometimes they go out there and do good, sometimes they hit the ground and stay… Continue reading Living a Dream

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It’s Time to Begin

Four-and-a-half long, dark and cold months later, and I've spit out the third draft of my upcoming mystery novel, The Killed Conscience. Book blurb: Still at the beginning of her career, investigative journalist Emilee Weathers is eager for a name and hungry for the perfect story, no matter how she has to get it. When… Continue reading It’s Time to Begin


My Love for Fiction

When real life isn't enough, I retreat to the world of fiction. I grab a book. My pad and pen. Fingers in their fixed positions across the keyboard. I close my eyes and drift. I imagine. Create. I type. Relentless. This is all I have. I remember my first novel. It was a horror novel… Continue reading My Love for Fiction


Why I don’t want to be Happy.

Hi:) Been doing a bit of thinking lately... I've discovered that, for me, life has never really been so much about the final destination as it has the journey. I love the anticipation of travel as well as the journey. I love having a goal in mind that I'm constantly moving towards--working toward something greater,… Continue reading Why I don’t want to be Happy.

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365 Challenge: Day 236 – Mask (Author Alert: Jordan Antonacci)

Starting out, it can be a pain in the ass getting people behind you and your ideas. Couldn't be more appreciative of author James J. Cudney for doing this, even with his plate already so full. Checkout his most recent post as well as him and his own book, "Watching Glass Shatter."


Won’t Stop till I’m Phenomenal

"However long that it takes, I'll go to whatever lengths. It's gonna make me a monster though." -Eminem, Phenomenal Hunger. There's a Hunger inside, unable to be fed A Thirst I fear may never be quenched Dreams I seek to make begin I've never ever wanted something so bad Working this 9-5 on a day-to-day grind Only… Continue reading Won’t Stop till I’m Phenomenal