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‘The Author’ book review by James J. Cudney

Book Review I stumbled on this author and his book several months ago via his blog. When I read a synopsis of the plot, it hit all the sweet spots for my love of thriller and suspense novels: serial killers, twists, writers, subtle relationships and cops. After I read the intro chapter he shared […] via… Continue reading ‘The Author’ book review by James J. Cudney


Last day of The Author free giveaway!

If the title didn't say it, today's the last day for the free giveaway for my crime thriller, "The Author." Click the link below to grab a copy 🙂 Description: A heart-wrenching story of longing, loss, vengeance and consequence. How far would you go to rebuild the life you let break? Forensics expert Troy… Continue reading Last day of The Author free giveaway!

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365 Challenge: Day 236 – Mask (Author Alert: Jordan Antonacci)

Starting out, it can be a pain in the ass getting people behind you and your ideas. Couldn’t be more appreciative of author James J. Cudney for doing this, even with his plate already so full. Checkout his most recent post as well as him and his own book, “Watching Glass Shatter.”

This Is My Truth Now

Mask: (a) something we all wear to protect our identity, or (b) 365 Daily Challenge word for 2017 debut novelist and today’s author alert — Jordan Antonacci



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Authors are often a mystery to their fans. Sometimes you read a book without knowing (or caring) about the author — it’s the story you must devour. Often the author is shy and doesn’t have a huge following or social media presence. And on the rare occasion, several of the author’s personality traits show up in one or two of the characters in his/her books. It’s almost like authors wear a mask both to those who read our books and even sometimes to ourselves. In today’s post, I’m exploring the concept of the word ‘mask’…

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To Mystery Thriller fans

I've been quite vocal regarding my dream of becoming a published author. And I've recently rewritten a novel that I'd really like to put out there. I've put a lot a lot a lot of time and effort into this book; I'm quite in love with it, and I think fans of the genre would… Continue reading To Mystery Thriller fans

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Do You Enjoy Mystery/Thriller Novels?

A few of you may be familiar with my dream, my relentless pursuit of being a published author. If not, then you know now. And if you thought this post was going to be me announcing the arrival of such an event,'s not. Sorry. It's still pending, but I swear it's so close I… Continue reading Do You Enjoy Mystery/Thriller Novels?