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An Alternate Ending

Sometimes, we have to go back and rewrite the ending we originally thought was perfect...


Kiss you at red lights kinda love

For a while at least, it seemed like they were written in the stars. They first met in high school. Both lived in the same middle-class suburban neighborhood. He was the new kid from out of state who was quickly building a reputation for trouble and all things bad. She was the country girl, destined… Continue reading Kiss you at red lights kinda love

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Short mystery story: Shadow Lake Pt. 1

On the surface, Nathan Grey looked like calm waters—clean, crisp, gentle—, but below the surface, there were monstrous things that lurked. LED headlights from his SUV beamed through the night air and across the desolate highway as he drove. Hanging from his rearview mirror was a wooden cross necklace and a photo of his mother;… Continue reading Short mystery story: Shadow Lake Pt. 1

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Flash Fiction: Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly Dressed in a black suit and black loafers, Sebastian Keller sat alone on a wooden bench at the end of a hiking trail in The Great Smoky Mountains, watching birds fly as the sun set. Sebastian had always wanted to fly like the birds. He always swore that one day, it’d happen.… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Learning to Fly

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A Place to Cry

I don’t know why I don’t know why But with the storm winds high I need a place to hide This place inside The four walls of my mind I’ve been evicted into the night And I need a place to hide With these demons of mine We like to dance and then dine But… Continue reading A Place to Cry