I think I just moved back to TN

It’s amazing how quickly your whole life can change, isn’t it? One minute you have a perfect idea of how everything is going to play out... the next, something as gentle as a breeze comes along and changes the direction of everything. So, the family reunion that brought me to Knoxville went well. Really well.… Continue reading I think I just moved back to TN

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I Quit my Job to be a Full-time Dreamer

How do you make your dreams come true? Is there some secret formula that's been written and hidden in a safe in Mr. Krabs' office? I certainly hope there isn't. I'd be pretty pissed. Since I was a teenager, I've been pursuing my dreams, and for the last six years, I've been pursuing them in… Continue reading I Quit my Job to be a Full-time Dreamer

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A Letter to Myself

Dear You, No one in my life has ever caused me more problems than you. They say nobody changes. With you, I’ve found that’s true, but it’s not. I’ve watched you change in the best way, yet remain the same in the worst. All you care about, all you see, is yourself. The hunger of… Continue reading A Letter to Myself

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Why you should never give up

Albert Einstein said, “I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success.” If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we all have dreams, and we all have goals. Whether they be microscopic or too grand to wrap your head around, they reside within all of… Continue reading Why you should never give up



At some point in our lives, we've all had someone tell us "Change is good." Some poor souls have had to suffer as those hounding words were repeatedly hammered into them (ahem, teenage me, ahem). It took my angsty self awhile to understand and accept those words. And they were hammered with necessity--I was a… Continue reading Changes


Saying Goodbye and Signing Off

As a few of you know, for the past 10 days I’ve been on a trip in California. It’s definitely been one of the most adventurous trips I’ve been on—driving from Laguna to San Francisco to Eureka, then hiking all over northern Cali and staying in a camper... it has been a very loving, happy,… Continue reading Saying Goodbye and Signing Off

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Poem: The Dawn of a New Day

As my eyelids part I pay recognition to the slow rhythm of my beating heart Lub dub... Lub dub... I awake only to witness the sun pave way to another day As the sky is lit by the touch of a flame a subtle peachy haze the nightlife slowly... fades... away When the birds sing… Continue reading Poem: The Dawn of a New Day

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Poem: Words like Weapons

An assault rifle loaded with words holds the potential for murder Lines and rhymes like live rounds fire at life without a single sound With a single sentence one can teach love or place a period and simply end it Just one stanza can compel an army like a puppeteer and forces otherworldly With the… Continue reading Poem: Words like Weapons

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Poem: What I Am.

I'm a hopeless romantic who hasn't yet learned how to love I'm a memory hoarder buried alive beneath all the memories I can't let go of I'm an artist drowning in the colors of his own painting I'm an addict and I can't stop from overdosing on love I'm a pen with no ink A… Continue reading Poem: What I Am.


Repost: The Impossible Is Possible Tonight, Tonight…

An amazing post by the wonderful Lady Lazarus where she opens up about how her blog came to be and gives me a friendly shout out. An amazing blogger whose circle is growing quick. Do check her out ❤

Lady Lazarus

I’m going to break my own mold in this post and do something different..dare I say positive even!

The lovely and incredibly talented Mr. Hush Hush (Hush) blew me away earlier when he featured me on his latest post, giving my blog recognition. His extremely kind words inspired me to do a post on just how much this blog, and each and every one of you, mean to me.

I started this blog two days after someone I cared deeply about broke my heart and used each and every one of my insecurities against me. I didn’t know what else to do. I wasn’t inspired to do any of the normal creative things I’ve done in the past, so I decided to try blogging as a means to tell my side of the story. Aside from writing songs, I had never really written. I didn’t know what to expect, but…

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