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Journal Entry 1: The Boy’s Mind

2:28 AM Tues. 2/25/14 The boys mind tosses and turns like a bipolar insomniac in the middle of the night he can't decide. He can't make the decision, any decision that may aid in solidifying a personal persona Is he this, is he that? Is he nothing? Where does he want to stay who does… Continue reading Journal Entry 1: The Boy’s Mind


When One Door Closes

When one door closes another opens But how do you know if what's behind that door is what you wanted? Your life is what you make of it. All through our brief stay here, we're constantly being given choices. Really, that's the jist of life: a never-ending series of choices. Each choice is a door.… Continue reading When One Door Closes


If I Die Before I Wake

Life is so fragile, so fleeting. Every breath has the potential to be our last. Did I Live? How many days did I waste as I too withered away? I see all the missed opportunities  flashing before me like a flip-book. I see all the times I was too afraid to jump because of the… Continue reading If I Die Before I Wake