Poem: Mudshovel

So I'll get messed up till I forget love till I forget us and what was What could've been is just too much Driving down this road is just too rough And it's leaving me a bit cut up a bit numb, coz when I went to touch I found your heart to be ice… Continue reading Poem: Mudshovel


When Life Gets Good

Hi peoples, After my last post, Black Ink and Dark Writing, I began thinking long and hard about a happy post I could write. It wasn't that I had decided to listen to those little voices--it was just that I knew my life wasn't strictly confined to the dark topics I wrote about. And you… Continue reading When Life Gets Good

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2:30 AM

2:30 in the morning I was awoken by a knocking You'd come back like a haunting A dressed up nightmare walking You said that you wanted to try again Really you wanted to lie again Maybe you wanted to watch me die again I'm haunted as I say goodbye to my best friend For the… Continue reading 2:30 AM