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Poem: Can’t Move On

It's been 6 years since you've been gone yet the pain still feels like it happened today Which I guess is strange coz they say "Time heals all wounds" Yet as I write this down there's bloody prints on the keyboard Maybe because I can't stop cutting myself open Because the pain is the only… Continue reading Poem: Can’t Move On

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When you feel like you don’t fit in with your Family

Disclaimer: Let me start this post off by saying that this is NOT me trying to bash my family. I am not pointing fingers, nor am I blaming anyone for the way I feel. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s myself. My insecurities, my mind, my problem. With that said, let’s begin. Whenever I write… Continue reading When you feel like you don’t fit in with your Family


The Habits of my Heart

I could’ve sworn that I’d killed her. I remember placing her limp body, all our keepsakes and memories into a wooden box and burying it all six-feet deep on a deserted planet in a galaxy far, far away. I then remember coming home to sew shut the gaping vortex in my heart, dust myself off… Continue reading The Habits of my Heart

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I’ll Be A Killer Whale When I Grow Up

When I look into the mirror, my reflection-- it's no longer me. My thoughts no longer sound like mine. There's something ugly that's happening inside. More malignant than a cancer. More malicious than a monster. And with the hunger of a thousand starving lions. A feeling like when a star explodes and turns into a… Continue reading I’ll Be A Killer Whale When I Grow Up



How you handle pain has a lot to do with how it affects you. Mental Pain: Psychological pain or mental pain is an unpleasant feeling (a suffering) of a psychological, non-physical, origin. A pioneer in the field of suicidology, Edwin S. Shneidman, described it as "how much you hurt as a human being. It is… Continue reading Pain.


Love Hard

To love hard is to love fiercely. To love hard is to throw out the rule books that give timelines, precursors, and standards. To love hard is to jump in with both feet. Loving hard is knowing that true, unconditional love is rare, and may only be touched once in a lifetime...if that. To love… Continue reading Love Hard


This Internal Bleed.

"I've done tried it all, tried it all... I can't stop this internal bleed. Now my heart is leaking, heart is leaking out. And it hurts me." --Kid Cudi, Internal Bleeding Ladies, gentlemen: I have a problem. And that problem is me. Do you ever look around, find that everything is okay, but also find… Continue reading This Internal Bleed.