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A Letter to Myself

Dear You, No one in my life has ever caused me more problems than you. They say nobody changes. With you, I’ve found that’s true, but it’s not. I’ve watched you change in the best way, yet remain the same in the worst. All you care about, all you see, is yourself. The hunger of… Continue reading A Letter to Myself


Do Re Mi Fa So Fucking Done With You

It’s truly amazing how much we’ll put ourselves through just to try and keep something together that is clearly meant to fall apart; how much hurt we’ll let ourselves endure just to try and prevent the empty company of loneliness. My only question is, why? Why do we do that to ourselves? Why keep running… Continue reading Do Re Mi Fa So Fucking Done With You

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Man on the Moon

I've always been extremely self-aware. Hardly a moment goes by when I'm not standing on the outside, looking back at myself. It's truly a gift and a curse. Self-reflection can really help you to grow and mature--but at the same time, I'm never more judgemental of anybody than I am of myself. “What he has… Continue reading Man on the Moon


Why I don’t want to be Happy.

Hi:) Been doing a bit of thinking lately... I've discovered that, for me, life has never really been so much about the final destination as it has the journey. I love the anticipation of travel as well as the journey. I love having a goal in mind that I'm constantly moving towards--working toward something greater,… Continue reading Why I don’t want to be Happy.