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Poem: Blackout

The anger still lingers The face in the mirror Distorted by the danger Looks only like a stranger So I took a marker and colored the mirror black We used to be so so close you used to be a place I called home but now that home has grown so cold and empty, like… Continue reading Poem: Blackout

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Poem: The Heartbeat of Years

The clock ticks away years like the beat of my heart You’re still in my tears I wear your name like a scar Wishing you were here as I look upon a million stars I awake into a nightmare everyday I’m not in your arms We’re all home now but you are nowhere to be… Continue reading Poem: The Heartbeat of Years


I think I just moved back to TN

It’s amazing how quickly your whole life can change, isn’t it? One minute you have a perfect idea of how everything is going to play out... the next, something as gentle as a breeze comes along and changes the direction of everything. So, the family reunion that brought me to Knoxville went well. Really well.… Continue reading I think I just moved back to TN

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Poem: This Red Sea

This Red SeaA red sea of broken memories floods deep into all of me It seeps beneath this dam I've built This armor-like skin and wraps me in its current Its waves rise and crash mercilessly bombarding the shores of my sanity A raging tsunami through the streets of my home washing away debris and… Continue reading Poem: This Red Sea

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Entries of the Heart Pt 2

him. Journal entry 2: Dear Diary, For the first time in three years, my day has been struck by change. Every morning, I’m awoken by my alarm at 6:45 am. I then shower, brush my teeth, and eat a bowl of whole grain cereal while watching The Today Show before sitting down to write. This… Continue reading Entries of the Heart Pt 2


Repost: The Impossible Is Possible Tonight, Tonight…

An amazing post by the wonderful Lady Lazarus where she opens up about how her blog came to be and gives me a friendly shout out. An amazing blogger whose circle is growing quick. Do check her out ❤

Lady Lazarus

I’m going to break my own mold in this post and do something different..dare I say positive even!

The lovely and incredibly talented Mr. Hush Hush (Hush) blew me away earlier when he featured me on his latest post, giving my blog recognition. His extremely kind words inspired me to do a post on just how much this blog, and each and every one of you, mean to me.

I started this blog two days after someone I cared deeply about broke my heart and used each and every one of my insecurities against me. I didn’t know what else to do. I wasn’t inspired to do any of the normal creative things I’ve done in the past, so I decided to try blogging as a means to tell my side of the story. Aside from writing songs, I had never really written. I didn’t know what to expect, but…

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Poem: You were my Blue Moon

"Those three words You were my first I can't help thinking Maybe you were my blue moon Maybe I let go too soon Running from what could be So terrified of happy Maybe you were my blue moon" Thinking About You. A fire in my skull Memories turned to ash blown away by a cold… Continue reading Poem: You were my Blue Moon


Kiss you at red lights kinda love

For a while at least, it seemed like they were written in the stars. They first met in high school. Both lived in the same middle-class suburban neighborhood. He was the new kid from out of state who was quickly building a reputation for trouble and all things bad. She was the country girl, destined… Continue reading Kiss you at red lights kinda love


Poem: What the Fuck

I first saw you While I was sitting in the car In a suburban neighborhood After a job Then my boss John Climbed into The passenger seat You were outside A few houses down Playing with Your dog John looked at me With his brows raised He said Damn I didn’t say a thing But… Continue reading Poem: What the Fuck