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Flash Fiction: Then She was Gone

She told me she loved me before she left, just like she did every other morning. I felt a familiar smile tug at the corners of my lips as I told her I loved her to from where I stood in the kitchen. The coffee was still hot and I wanted to grab a cup… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Then She was Gone

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Poem: My Garden of Eden

Within my heart a garden of Eden A garden of the gods A garden so ripe succulent with life Within the suns light blossoms bloomed bright At least once upon a time Then stems withered in storm winds Leaves shriveled and fell from trees Roots cracked as the earth shook And skies turned black No… Continue reading Poem: My Garden of Eden

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Poem: Till I Forget Love

So I'll get fucked up till I forget love till I forget us and what was What could've been It's just too much Driving down this road is just too rough and it's leaving me a bit cut up a bit numb, coz when I went to touch I found your heart to be ice… Continue reading Poem: Till I Forget Love

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No Makeup

No Makeup I think you look your best Right after you wake up Not when you wear some dress but when you wear no makeup I just wanna hold you In my arms, enfold you Especially when it’s cold Don’t forget what I’ve told you When your hair still has it’s natural wave That’s when… Continue reading No Makeup


Never Forget

Nothing lasts forever--but that doesn't mean you have to forget. Never Forget... The way you hunted me down on social media and how we couldn't stop messaging each other on every single one of them: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Text.... We still do that. How nervous we both were on that first lunch. But we clicked… Continue reading Never Forget

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Only Fools Fall for You

"Oh, our lives don't collide, and I'm aware of this. We've got differences and impulses, and your obsession with the little things: You like stick, I like aerosol. I don't give a fuck, I'm not giving up, I still want it all. Only fools fall for you." -Troye Sivan, Fools Only fools fall for you… Continue reading Only Fools Fall for You


Love Hard

To love hard is to love fiercely. To love hard is to throw out the rule books that give timelines, precursors, and standards. To love hard is to jump in with both feet. Loving hard is knowing that true, unconditional love is rare, and may only be touched once in a lifetime...if that. To love… Continue reading Love Hard