San Francisco to Eureka! 🚙 🎒 ⛰

After a long night of being elbowed by my little brother on our itty bitty bed, we all got up, got coffee, donuts, then hit the road. For anyone who has an opportunity to stay at a Parc 55 Hilton—take it! It's a great, contemporary, very enjoyable place to stay. And for anyone who has… Continue reading San Francisco to Eureka! 🚙 🎒 ⛰

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Single for the Summer

I've forgotten what it was like living the single life It used to be a life in which I'd thrive But now I'm single for the summer In the sun's kissing heat a warm gentle breeze Timeless sands of the beach there's you and me Bare feet in the sand Basking in the scent of… Continue reading Single for the Summer